How can you help

Dear Friend
Thank you so much for your interest in our inner-city Grade R school that caters for the integrated cross-section of children from low-income families of the southern communities of Durban.
This essential year to a child’s foundational education is still only available to the more financially flush sectors of our community, and there are very few facilities available to the financially disadvantaged.
We have established a Trust – The Udobo Ed-U Foundation, fund raising no. 031-155-NPO – in order to raise funds to accommodate the running costs of the school. We depend entirely on the generosity of kind folk like you to make donations towards our finances.
We would appreciate it if you would consider a monthly donation of approximately R50.00 or more towards funding a child’s daily education. Your donation will be used towards providing breakfast, mid-morning snack and lunch to your "adopted" child, as well as equipping the school with stationery and a variety of educational and outdoor toys and equipment.
Furthermore, you will receive a certificate of gratitude with a photograph of the child you will be supporting, as well as 2 progress reports and a quarterly newsletter, updating you on your child and the school’s progress and activities. 

There are a variety of ways in which you could accomplish this:

  1. You could post the donation to our postal address
  2. You could put a stop order on your banking account at your local bank
  3. You could electronically deposit the money into our account
  4. Or, the most hassle free method would be to give us permission to draw a debit order from your account every month, by filling out the information found on our downloadable debit order instruction form. Click here to download

Sponsorship details

All donations should be made out to THE UDOBO ED – U – FOUNDATION  please

National (South Africa)

Account Holder  :  The Udobo Ed – U – Foundation

Bank:  First National Bank

Branch:  Mobeni

Branch Number:  221026

Account Number:  6206 1351 442


Account Holder  :  The Udobo Ed – U – Foundation

Bank:  First National Bank of South Africa

Branch:  Mobeni

Branch Number:  221026

Account Number:  6206 1351 442

Forex SWIFT Number:  F I R N Z A J J 7 6 2

Bank Address: 
1341 South Coast Rd
South Africa

Anyone in the UK interested in supporting our work with can do so without difficulty through the UK Friends of Udobo. The contact is

The Hon Treasurer
Mr. Peter Cannell

3 Cashio Lane
Letchworth Garden City

Telephone: 01462 631169


Cheques for donations in £'s sterling should be made payable to 'Friends of Udobo', which is a UK charity, and sent to Peter.