Please help these children and their School friends.

These children and others like them are facing the possibility of losing the hope that The Udobo Grade R School (Durban) brings to them.  The school is a PRIVILEGED SCHOOL FOR THE UNDERPRIVILEGED.  

The idea behind our vision for the Udobo Schools’ Project, is to provide a quality Grade R education to children from low-income families in preparation (R – Readiness) for their formative years of education. 

Our mission is to provide the children from these families (many of whom are victims of HIV and/or are AIDS orphans living with impoverished extended family members) with a Grade R education equivalent to any found at the schools within more financially flush sectors of society.  We have provided a privileged school environment with qualified teachers and we offer a NCS Grade R programme for the preparation of these children to enter their formal schooling phase at Grade 1. 

We believe that our programme not only prepares our children more than adequately within the three learning areas of Life, Numeracy and Literacy skills, but also instils within each child a greater sense of self-worth, adequate fine and gross motor skills, adequate emotional and social skills, keen sensory perception, adequate mega-cognitive processing skills, self-discipline and motivation, creativity and planning, execution and evaluation skills.

Our goal is to lower the risk of future school failure and to give our children confidence and hope for a better future.

We also provide these children with 3 nourishing meals every school day. These are, in many cases the only meals these children will receive in a day.

Our school has been in operation now for 5 years and the need has been such that our numbers increased from 3 children when opening our doors in April 2004 to 100 children in 2008 and a waiting list of 56 children in 2009. 

This has resulted in an enormous increase in our need for sustainable and committed funding to assist us to retain the high quality of education and care we offer the children.  The crisis in the global world of economics has caused great difficulty in our fundraising endeavours and we have, unfortunately, lost some major sponsorships because of funding now being unavailable.

Please, please would you try to find it in your heart to help us to save our project by giving whatever you can to us as a monthly commitment – anything from R50 a month will go a far way to helping us to continue reaching into the lives of these little ones.  

(R50 = 10 loaves of bread

R100 = 20 loaves of bread – a loaf a day)

Udobo is an approved public benefit organisation under section 18A of the income tax act.  We are also registered as a NPO (Non-Profit Organisation) and we are able to receive donations from you which would then qualify for certain tax deductions in terms of and subject to the limitations prescribed in the act.

Please find attached a debit order instruction which will make your monthly donation effort-free if you would take five minutes to fill it in and fax it back to us at 031- 469-0029.

Please could we ask you to assist us with this appeal by forwarding this mail to your contact lists in the hope that there will be those who are in a position to help us.

Thank you so much for the time you have taken to share our vision and burden with us. We look forward to your becoming an integral part of the Udobo family.

Always Fishing

Ansie Liebenberg

(Director of the Udobo Schools Project)