Frequently asked questions

  1. Do parents pay school fees?

    No.  The parents of these children are not able to pay what it costs to have the children educated at our school.  However, every family has to make some financial contribution towards the education of their child – we refer to these contributions as Trust Contributions.
  1. How do you work out what each family should pay as a contribution?

    The parents, upon application for placement at the school, are given a very detailed means test to fill out.  Accompanying this means test, are all salary advice slips, letters from employers, affidavits, legal guardianship papers, death certificates (if relevant), monthly budget details, family membership details, etc.  The principal then works through these documents with the parents and together they decide what each family can afford to pay the school.  It is made clear to the parents that their child’s acceptance at the school is a privilege and not a right and therefore they need to take their commitment to paying the Trust Contributions seriously.  Neglect to pay them will result in their child’s place at the school being rescinded.
  1. How do the children get to school and home again?

    The transport of the children to and from school is the parents’ responsibility.  The school has acquired a 14 seater bus (thanks to the UK Friends of Udobo) and we use this to transport the local children to and from their pick-up points at a minimal cost, covering only fuel and the salary of the driver.  Children from further afield use school transport arranged privately by their parents, or they use the Metro Rail trains and walk the rest of the way.  Children living close to the school are expected to walk to school.  Some parents bring their children on bicycles.  Others still, are transported by friends, neighbours and employers.
  1. Where do the children continue their schooling once they leave Udobo?

    The South African government has gazetted that every child from the age of 6 years and upwards has a right to education and that no school has the right to turn a child away for lack of financial resources.  Therefore, our children are fed into the local primary schools in the area, of which there are many.  As an aside, we have had wonderful feedback from the local schools with regard to the quality of the preparation our children receive for formal schooling and so the schools have become very positive about accepting Udobo children into their schools.
  1. Do you receive any financial support from government institutions?

    No, we do not.  We have tried on several occasions to apply for financial assistance, but have never had any success.  We depend entirely on the support and generosity of the community, both local and abroad and on our fundraising efforts to finance the work that we do.
  1. Are your teachers qualified?

    Yes.  All our teachers have the minimum requirement of an NQF Level 5 qualification in ECD (Early Childhood Development) or more.  A number of our teacher’s assistants are in the process of studying towards attaining a qualification.