Welcome to the Udobo School.

We are so pleased you have joined us for a brief journey through our site to show you what it is that we do.

We are a school for children aged 4-6 years who come from low-income families in the southern suburbs of Durban, South Africa.

Our vision has been fulfilled and continues to be fulfilled to be A SCHOOL FOR LOW INCOME FAMILIES. This has only been made possible by the kind generosity of good folk like you.

We exist to give hope through love and education to children from poor and marginalised backgrounds,

whose families would otherwise be unable to give their children the foundational education that is offered in the pre-school environment, thereby, giving these children an equal start to their academic endeavours. In other words, our desire is to take children off the streets and to place them in an educational environment where they can experience hope. Our aim is to stimulate the children and to encourage them to develop to their full potential.

Our programme provides for social, emotional, cognitive, intellectual, physical and aesthetic growth through the development of Numeracy, Literacy and Life Skills.

We wish to instill within each child who passes through our portals;

  • Christian values
  • A positive self-image
  • Adequate fine and gross motor skills
  • Adequate emotional and social skills
  • Keen sensory perception
  • Adequate language skills
  • Adequate ability to use mega-cognitive skills
  • Self-discipline and motivation
  • Creative individuality
  • Adequate planning, execution and evaluation skills

Our success with the above would lower the risk of future school failure and give the children hope for a better future.

Fundraising no: 031-161-NPO
PBO no: 930 010 939
Your donations to our organization can be claimed as a Tax Benefit.